Managed IT Services in Watsonville CA

We provide our clients with high quality IT consulting services. Let RVS Technology Group help you manage your IT projects. With so many different technology solutions and the pressure to do more with less, it can be challenging to find the best solutions to match your IT needs.

Understanding your requirements and presenting a solution is just the beginning. Our solutions and implementations also strive to maximize system uptime and security during any upgrade, deployment or migration process.

Consulting IT Services

Consulting IT Services

Network Design and Implementation

Networks are integral to the successful implementation of today's IT. Our team is experienced designing fast, secure and reliable networks utilizing appropriate wired/wireless/cellular technologies supporting diverse office/campus/nationwide infrastructures. We understand how to assess information flows and controls, to identify vulnerabilities and threats, and to evaluate and mitigate risks in modern networked environments.

Virtualization Design and Implementation

Let us help you minimize hardware costs and maximize system robustness and flexibility using our expertise in virtualization technologies such as Hyper-V, which runs multiple operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, and others) in parallel on a single server. We can help you maximize server hardware investments by consolidating multiple application servers as virtual machines on fewer physical hosts, sited on your premises or in the cloud.

Business Continuity Planning

If fire or natural disaster destroys your office, insurance and backups may help rebuild and restore it – but meanwhile, you may need a plan to be able to continue operating your business out of a different location while that process happens. We can help you plan, implement and regularly test a business continuity strategy that will keep you in business when you're rebuilding your office.