Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services_Watsonville, CA

Proactively maintain your information technology assets with a predictable monthly recurring cost. Rest assured your IT systems are secured and available at all times. Properly inventory your IT equipment and applications, manage your vendors and IT equipment warranties, monitor and maintain your disaster recovery solution, and facilitate your users with access to the support services they need when they need them.

IT Defenses

RVS Technology Group provides Anti-Virus and Malware defenses to protect your Information Technology assets. We use state of the art tools which remotely monitor the health of your network equipment and systems. Our tools monitor antivirus definition levels of most major antivirus software tools (i.e. Symantec/Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky and Trend Micro) and alert us if updates fail or if a malware or virus infestation is detected.

Disaster Recovery

The most important defense against data loss is a well maintained backup system. RVS Technology Group provides backup tools to protect your data, and will ensure that backups will be regularly created, that the system running the backup will be regularly monitored, and that a copy of the data is securely stored off the Client’s premises, either using online backup services or by physically swapping the backup media and transporting to a secure storage facility.

Software Patch Management

Our tools manage a variety of software updates for your workstations and servers, allowing us to handle patch scheduling and issues of compatibility with your IT equipment. RVS Technology Group is able to monitor and manage patch levels of Microsoft operating systems, Office applications, and certain critical Microsoft back office server based applications such as SharePoint, Lync, Exchange and SQL Server.

Proactive Monitoring

RVS Technology Group uses a monitoring system designed to track the availability and performance of critical networking components, including designated servers and managed networking gear (e.g. routers, firewalls, managed switches, etc.) The monitoring system will provide our Help Desk with real time alerts and will create service tickets. These tickets are regularly reviewed and corrected by our help desk team. Our monitoring system also allows for the periodic production of reports which are made available to our clients on a monthly basis.

Vendor and Warranty Management

If your equipment breaks while it’s covered under warranty, RVS Technology Group will handle the hassle of working with the vendor to get it fixed. If you need someone with technical expertise to work with other vendors who have sold or licensed you IT that is giving you problems, we’ll talk tech with the vendors to help you get the problem resolved.

IT Administration

RVS Technology Group will help you manage the overall security of your network, and handle user password resets and access control. We will also help you administer two of the most popular hosted services available today, Microsoft’s Office365 and Google Apps. We will help you get email and other company applications configured correctly on your smartphone or tablet.

Monthly IT Reports

We stay in touch. We send you monthly IT management reports to keep you informed about the health and security your IT. We attend periodic onsite meetings to review the status of your IT, discuss priorities for current and future IT needs, and to assess the overall satisfaction of the services being provided.

Annual IT Evaluation and Recommendations

We help you plan for the future. Our “Virtual CIO” service provides your business with an experienced perspective and consideration of how your organization can improve its use of IT.