Frequently asked questions

1Do you repair computers?
Not for the general public, we provide technology solutions for businesses
2What type of services do you provide?
We provide managed IT service, consulting IT services, cloud solutions and unified communications. We can manage your IT, recommend technologies that work for your company, take your company to the cloud regarding storage and we can set you up with the latest technology of communication.
3Can I book an appointment?
We tend to work with referrals
4What clients do you usually take on?
we usually take clients that are businesses and need solutions which we can provide with technology and highly skilled technicians
5I own a business, how do I know if you can handle my request?
We work with large companies with at least a couple hundred employees. All while providing service, protection and connection.
6What technologies or software do you work with?
Our partners, Microsoft, Sophos, Akronis, Comtia, Cisco, etc. Also we provide password security, maintain authentication and offer specialized software of any kind really from agriculture to restaurants.
7Can you help me with on sight duties?
yes we can we do cabling, hardware repairs, and on site-maintenance and installation.
8Do you offer any training?
Yes we do, we can train your existing personnel, with Quick help. This will reduce in large number the need to reach out to a technology solutions company or us for minuscule duties.
9What if im not a company yet?
well we can help you with our Cloud based services. You can have all of your data on the cloud and you can work anywhere you can access the internet. This service can help your business take of without purchasing any big expensive servers.